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Get notifications and send WordPress posts automatically to Telegram when published or updated, whether to a Telegram Channel, Group, or private chat, with full control…
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We have updated the instructions for Google Script Proxy with screenshots. It should now be easier to follow.

🚀 WP Telegram v3.1.0 | Introducing CloudFlare worker as proxy method!

Lately, we have observed that many users from Russia and Iran face issues even with Google Script Proxy. In the Pro version we had CloudFlare proxy from the beginning and it works better than all other proxy methods. After seeing the users struggle, we have added that proxy method to the FREE version as well. 😍

CloudFlare proxy
Supports image/file upload
Faster than other proxy methods
Easy to set up

Watch the video 👉 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5H0QuSmo-s
In today's update (1.4.9) of WP Telegram Pro, we have added support for WooCommerce product gallery 🎉

In today's update (1.5.0) of WP Telegram Pro, we have added
- Support for sending images from post content 🎉
- Support for adding caption to WooCommerce product gallery 🎉

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In today's update (1.5.2) of WP Telegram Pro, we have added made Inline Buttons editable 🚀

Latest update of WP Telegram and WP Telegram Pro has "Protect content" option available now. 🎉
We have received some reports lately of some users been using the pirated versions of WP Telegram Pro and their websites being hacked and the data being stolen.

We advise users to purchase WP Telegram Pro only via the official website wpsocio.com and avoid risking your website and data.
Notice 🔈

During a routine upgrade to wpsocio.com, many of our customers of WP Telegram Pro received their purchase confirmation emails again.

We regret the inconvenience. Please ignore that email.
With the latest version of WP Telegram (v3.1.14), you can now specify the group topic if you want to post to a specific one. 🎉
The latest version of WP Telegram Login (v1.10.0) adds support for Telegram Web App data authorization. 🚀

More details here https://github.com/wpsocio/wptelegram-login#telegram-web-app-data
The latest version of WP Telegram Login now has the option to set the language for the button. 🎉
Hello folks 👋

We have released an update to WP Telegram, adding a new experimental email HTML formatter to improve the Private Notifications text sent to Telegram.

We want to test it thoroughly before releasing it for all.

If you want to test the new feature for your Private Notifications , you can enable it by adding this one line of code to functions.php of your active theme;

add_filter( 'wptelegram_notify_use_experimental_text', '__return_true' );

let us know in @WPTelegramChat how that works.
A new version (v4) of WP Telegram has been released. 🎉

- Added better support for HTML formatting.
- Added support for <u> and <ins> HTML tags.
- Added support for nested tags. You can now use <b> inside <i> and vice versa.
- Intelligently trim {post_excerpt} to preserve the other parts of the Message Template.
- Removed support for Markdown formatting in favour of better HTML formatting
- Fixed the image not being sent "After the text" when "Send files by URL" is disabled
- Fixed the issue of messages not being sent when the markup is not valid

If you face any issues, please report them in @WPTelegramChat.

Enjoy the new features :)
With the latest update of WP Telegram, you can now add little notes to the ugly chat ID numbers so that you don't have to remember those numbers on the post-edit page.
What about the integrations with other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Mastodon etc.? 😉

Excited? We are too!
We are working on such an integration solution to allow you the customisations and control like WP Telegram! 🎉
With the latest update of WP Telegram Login, you can now directly login the user to your Web App (Mini App). Simply set the webapp URL to something like this


After the login, the user will be redirected to the URL you pass via redirect_to param

If you do not want to show the login confirmation, you can add &confirm_login=0 to the URL.

Telegram bot API seems to have some issue right now, due to which posts to channels are continuously failing. We hope that Telegram fixes the issue soon.

Here are the error messages you may see in the log or during test message:

- Bad Request: not enough rights to send text messages to the chat
- Bad Request: not enough rights to send photos to the chat
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In the latest version of WP Telegram, we have added support for <blockquote> tag. 🎉